Monday, January 22, 2018

Sri Nannagaru's experience on Bodiless power

When I had a temperature of 104 degrees Celsius, I experienced a bodiless power. The doctors suspected the disease to be cancer. My mind was prepared to leave the body. I had no other thoughts.I dint even get the thought that if the fever comes down, I would visit Arunachala and do Girivalam or Giripradakshina.

One day a bodiless power came and asked me if I ever listened the name of Udipi. I said Udipi is in the state of Karnataka.Then it asked me in return whether I am aware of the GOD there? Then I replied as Balakrishna. The body was invisible and making me give the answers for its questions. Then it asked whether I knew who established Udipi Krishna? I replied as Madhvacharya. Then it told me to make the darshan of Udipi Krishna for my fever to vanish and the voice disappeared. But I dint get the thought of going to Udipi and make the darshan of Krishna.

I told the doctor about my conversation with the bodiless power.The doctor said that they were clueless about the cause of the disease and hence asked me to take a vow of visiting Udipi. But how much ever I tried to take the vow, I was unsuccessful, not that I dint want to visit Udipi or disliked Udipi Krishna. I dint even get the thought of doing Girivalam or Giripradakshina if the fever comes down.

I felt all this to be a dream. What even if I die? This body is made up of five elements. Until the Prarabdha karma is burnt out the life energy (Prana) clings to the body. Once the Prarabdha is finished, the body expires.

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