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We are all but creatures of Destiny

After the war of Mahabharata, Yudhisthira asked Bheeshma: "Having killed so many people in the war, what should we do with this Kingdom?" Bheeshma replied, "This is only called as Destiny. How can you call it destiny if you know it beforehand?" Therefore Shakespeare said: “We are all but creatures of Destiny." We cannot say what is going to happen in an hour. It is because everything happens in its own time. Though, in a hurry to die, death doesn't approach you even a minute earlier. Suppose you have the desire to live more and the purpose for which the body came onto the earth is fulfilled, the death of the body happens as per God's will. It doesn't stop even for a minute.

Even suicide is a part of destiny. It is the will of God that a particular body has to end in that manner. When and where the body has to take birth, the parents, relatives, enemies etc pertaining to the body are all part of destiny.Money, Scholarship, honor, power,and fame are all part of destiny. Whether the body has to be tall or short, whether it has to be black or white in color, whether it has to be fat or thin is all decided by the destiny. Even intellect is decided by the destiny.

Ravindranath Tagore addressed the Supreme Lord in the National Anthem: Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people and the dispenser of India's destiny(Janagaṇamana-adhināyaka jaya he Bhāratabhāgyavidhātā). Therefore destiny prevails even for a nation. Wars and natural calamities affect a particular nation only due to that nation’s destiny.

Who can change the lines of the forehead(destiny)?
Several mysterious incidents took place in Ramayana. There is a lot of similarity between our lives and Ramayana. Ravana had abducted Sita very cunningly. It is the foolishness of several people that enabled him to do so. Lord Rama is an incarnation of God. Sita asked him to bring her a golden deer. A golden deer cannot be found in this entire Universe. Rama should have told His wife: "It is not a golden deer. It seems to be a golden deer but is an illusion." But did He do so? No. Is Rama a fool to run after a golden deer? No. But he acted thus at that point of time. Hardships are inevitable even to the Supreme God when He incarnates as a human being. Even we act so foolishly. Rama kept Lakshmana as the custodian of Sita and ran after the golden deer.But didn't Lakshmana also act so foolishly? The destiny is most powerful. Rama's running after a golden deer in order to fulfill Sita's desire,Lakshmana abandoning Sita inspite of having been assigned the duty of a custodian, Sita crossing the protective line of Lakshmana, enabled Ravana to abduct Sita. How can we judge who has blundered here? Who can change the lines of the forehead (destiny)?

Your thinking faculty is driven by destiny
It is the destiny that drives your thinking faculty. This is very well depicted in Ramayana. Kaikeyi loved Rama more than Bharata. However a day before coronation, her mind changed. We think that Kaikeyi was influenced by her servant Manthara. Where is the rule that Kaikeyi must change merely by listening to Manthara? There was a probability that Kaikeyi might not have changed even after listening to Manthara. Rama told Lakshmana: "Kaikeyi is thinking in accordance with our destiny. Till date Kaikeyi had immense love for us. However today her love turned into hatred and therefore she wants to send us to forest. Perhaps there is some work to be done with this body in the forest and it has changed the mind of Kaikeyi accordingly. Kaikeyi got this thought only in accordance with our destiny. Therefore have no anger or hatred for Kaikeyi. It is only God's will, that will be fulfilled. Let’s abide by the same.

Everything is but the play of destiny
Vali's consort Tara was very intelligent. She advised Vali not to fight against Sugriva for the second time. She said: "Just now Sugriva left after a humiliating defeat. But He is back immediately inviting you for a fight once again! I heard that these days Sugriva got acquainted with Rama and Lakshmana. Inspite of being defeated, His challenge for an immediate fight indicates that we have to act very cautiously now." Hence Tara advised Vali not to accept Sugriva's challenge for the second time. Vali replied: ' Oh! Tara, I accept that you are more intelligent than me. You are giving me a good advice. But I have a weakness. If anyone invites me for a fight, I cannot stay back at home. I cannot change my nature in this aspect. I would prefer either killing the enemy or being killed by the enemy but cannot stay back at home. Sugriva is my brother. Though I am capable enough to kill him, I am unable to get rid of my attachment for him. Though I may get a chance to kill him, I will only chase him but will not slay him down." But Tara replied: " You may not kill Sugriva but Sugriva has an external support. So you may get killed. Therefore you must not accept Sugriva's challenge for a fight." Vali said: "I heard that Rama is a gentleman and also very intelligent. I never had any enmity with Him. If Rama is a gentleman or God in a true sense, will He kill me? No. I can’t trust your words."However, it was Rama who slayed down Vali. How can we judge who was right here? We can only conclude it to be the play of destiny.

Your strength is insufficient to combat destiny
After Ravana was killed by Rama, Mandodari entered the battlefield. Lamenting over Ravana's death, she said in a deep distress: "Oh! Ravana, you are my husband regardless of being good or bad. You have been the most prosperous as well as one of the greatest kings. Oh! My dear husband, I can’t judge whether you brought Sita or a blazing fire to burn Lanka.Oh! Ravana, I gave you several good advices. But you never paid any attention. It is because 'The Destiny' is most powerful. The destiny pertaining to your body did not allow you to listen to my words. What could you do about it? Therefore Mandodari advised us: "Irrespective of your power and prosperity, your strength is insufficient to combat destiny."

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