Sunday, January 11, 2015

"The Kingdom of heaven is within all of us" - (Dr.Mithin)

It was for quite sometime that I was trying hard to meet Sri Nannagaru. Because of poor health he was not coming to Hyderabad and work was not permitting me to go and meet him in Jinnuru. Finally one Saturday i called him and asked whether I could come and meet him in Jinnuru.

I heard him say "You may come!' in a charming way. So next day early morning I went towards Jinnuru

The Mountain Path had published an article of mine Thank You God which taught the meaning of life to be Thankful to God at all times.

As I clutched the book and traveled towards Jinnuru I understood why I was not able to meet him all these days. It was because it had been destined that I meet him with this book and show him the article.

I went to his room where he was applying ointment to his body. He looked at me and gestured at me happily to come and sit in a chair opposite to him. He smiled at me and expressed his happiness and asked me about my journey.

I replied to him and gave him the book with my article. He just glanced at the article and said and "this is Sharanagathi"

Next few minutes he read through the article smiling and nodding all the time. Once he finished he happily said " Its a very good article. I am very proud of you.'

I smiled. He asked me about my recent trip to Singapore and then asked me to wait outside where he would come.

I waited outside and saw some patients as Sri Nannagaru joined us. I have seen a very important facet of Sri Nannagaru regarding Patients. He would be very very concerned and would ask a lot of questions to me about their conditions and medications and their side effects. Once having asked me he would make it a point that I would communicate the same to the patients and also make double sure that the patients also understood the treatment and its side effects.

He was a wonderful Communicator!

After that he looked at me and said " How is your sadhana?"

I have had spiritual experiences recently which I could only attribute to Sri Nannagru's Grace.

"Without sadhana I am receiving your Grace" I replied truthfully.

He smiled and then after some small talk about Singapore and my parents he asked me to go and take rest in the ashram room of his and come in the afternoon after lunch.

One more thing about Sri Nannagaru is that he would be very particular that I take some tea or coffee when I visited his house.

In the afternoon I returned to meet him and sat beside him.

In a recent experience of mine in the early hours of waking I saw that the world was a thought and I was about to enter that thought. The world is nothing but a thought I felt. If I had no desire I would not enter the world and I would be in Peace I felt. But invariable I entered it and woke up. I narrated this incident to Sri Nannagaru and asked him its meaning.

He said " The world and body is not separate. Both are the same. They are nothing but Thought."

I asked "Is renunciation of thought...."

He nodded in the middle and said "Except Truth everything is Thought. It is called Brahmam. It is independent. If there is anything that you see in the world which is perceived as different to Brahmam it is a dream. It is asat. Not Sath(Truth). The Buddhists call the same Brahmam as Shunyam. Brahmam is the Ultimate Truth. Brahmam is Independent entity. The body itself is a also is the world. Desires are born as body. There no individuals. You see because you think yourself as individual 'I'. It is false 'I' and is imagination, Individual I is not your true nature.'

He paused and showed me some Muslims who had come to meet him.

"They are devotees of Allah" he said.

He gestured one lady to come forward and talked to her about Quran and other things relating to Islam.

The lady in the course of the conversation asked him "Do all people who follow different religions reach God?'

Sri Nannagaru replied " People call water by different names. Some call it jal some pani some call it tanni and some water. But its meaning is the same. Religions also are like that . All paths are true. There is no bearing of caste color or religion or country on the realization of Truth. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Man seeks happiness. When man realizes happiness he gets unconcerned about gods and goddesses. As we identify ourselves with the body when we say 'I' so too we should naturally identify ourselves as the universal I when we refer to ourselves, then we attain peace and that peace results in Happiness. This should be realized either through the Gita, Quran or Bible. Tiruvannamalai is called Navadwarapuram. There are nine roads leading to it. Whatever road you take you will reach Tiruvannamalai. When Truth is realized the things of the senses appear distasteful. Attachments come when there is absence of renunciation."

Sri Nannagaru then talking about a recent death of a devotee said " All things are predetermined"

It was time for me to go. He looked at me and blessed me and said "The Kingdom of heaven is within all of us. Remember this always"

I saluted him and took my leave.

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