Saturday, September 6, 2014

About Vedas

Traigunyavisayaa vedaa nistraigunyo bhavaarjuna
nirdvandvo nithya sattvastho niryoga kshema aatmavaan (2-45)

O Arjuna, the Vedic scriptures deal with the matters relating to three gunas(attributes).
O Arjuna, but rise above them. Being free from the pairs of opposites, let your mind be always steady in the pure spiritual consciousness; do not endeavor to acquire or preserve that is forbidden; Become Self Realized.

Veda implies Knowledge. We have four Vedas namely Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvanaveda and Samaveda. The Vedas mention not only about Self Knowledge but also about material knowledge. The hymns that are chanted at the time of marriage or while performing rituals (apakarma) when the Jiva leaves the body are all but Vedic hymns. Apart from these, the Vedas also mention about how to construct a house. Hence there is nothing left out in the Vedas that remained unmentioned. The Vedas have narrated about the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic qualities. The behavior pattern that prevails in a person when a particular quality becomes predominant also has been mentioned in the Vedas. All these qualities bind you. Hence transcend them and go forward. God has put Maya in all the three qualities. Of them there may be good as well as bad qualities.Don’t get into the affair of these qualities. All these are related to Maya. Try to transcend these qualities. You must overcome these qualities. You must attain Self Knowledge.

Nirdvandvo: You will get several dualities in your life. Learn to bear them. You will become purified and your intellect (buddhi) becomes steady if you learn to bear them. If you bear these dualities, your mind will not become your enemy but will remain as your friend. If your mind becomes your friend, it will serve you. If your mind becomes your enemy, it will harm you. It is not important as to how you are treated by the society; what is important is that your mind should be within your control. You get happiness or sorrow according to your destiny. Don’t get elated when you are happy and don’t get depressed when you are sorrowful. Thus always keep your brain balanced.If you thus remain balanced, your intellect (buddhi)gets concentrated and purified.

Nithya satvastaha:That which is Truth is permanent and that which is not Truth is transient. There is a Truth within your Heart. It is very close, near and dear to you. It is not only close to you but You are That (Self). But due to your wrong thinking and wrong identification, you are not able to identify this truth. If you want to be joyful, learn to abide in the Heart. Then all of them ie your body,mind, senses and intellect (buddhi)come into your control. Only then you become joyful. If you remain within the control of your senses and mind, you cannot become joyful. Therefore we must learn to control them. The happiness derived from control cannot be attained from comfort. Therefore Bhagavan said: "If possible,learn to befriend the Self within your Heart; if you are unable to do it, try to attain Holy Company. Then you will get the yearning to attain Self Knowledge due to their vibrations."

Niryogakshema:God is here narrating about the weaknesses within man. Yoga implies earning that which you don’t possess. Protecting and preserving that which you have earned is Kshema.Everyone is involved with these both ie yoga and kshema. If you spend all the 24 hrs in acquisition and preservation when will you seek the Truth? God looks after their yoga and kshema who do not think of their yoga and kshema. But you are afraid that God may not look after the same. You don’t even have the faith that God exists. When you don’t even possess the faith in the existence of God, how will you depend upon Him? One who is looking after this world will also look after you. If you constantly think of your yoga(acquisition) and kshema(preservation) your mind will get extroverted but not introverted.

Aatmavaan: Antahkarna implies the inner instrument ie.,mind. It should always be kept pure.As you keep your body clean, even your intellect (buddhi)should be kept pure. You cannot attain Jnana without the purity of the intellect (buddhi). The water looks steady and pure when there are no waves in it. Similarly your intellect(buddhi)should resemble such water in order to attain Self Knowledge. The true Bliss and Joy are contained in Self alone. What you currently experience is only happiness and of Joy.If you are happy today, all your happiness may be converted into sorrow on one day or the other. However if you attain Self Knowledge, all your sorrow will be converted into joy. Therefore the Lord says: "Oh! Arjuna, purify your mind and attain the wealth of Self Knowledge." Wherever you see, if you experience bliss, peace and joy, why should you depend upon the external things

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