Wednesday, July 30, 2014

True state has no desire (By Dr.Mithin)

Once I had a beautiful experience.

It was probably 7 in the morning whence I had woken up and still had not left the bed. I sat up to realize that something was different.

I could see my bedroom and the dressing table and fan etc but they all appeared to be absolutely beautiful. They were pulsating with beauty. Even an insignificant thing like a doormat appeared so beautiful.

I realized that the reason for their beauty was a subtle absence of thought in me. Try as I might I could not have thoughts. All was pulsating Awareness.

I tried to think of Lord Venkateshwara and even Sri Nannagaru.

I couldn't! Also I felt a sort of indifference to even them. I felt why think of Sri Nannagaru and dilute this Blissful Experience. But the damage had been done!

The state which was there for about 1 min dissipated and thoughts came flooding in.

When I met Sri Nannagaru in Jinnuru next time I told Him about this. He dismissed it by a wave of His hand as if He knew already and said 'You will be a Jeevanmuktha in this life itself'

Even though i tried to replicate that state again I could not. I understood it comes by Grace alone and how can one have Grace?

By abiding in Guru's Will

Another time a devotee came and met Sri Nannagaru. The devotee was grieving because he had lost his wife in old age and was companion less

'I cannot forget her.' He said.

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said 'Don't think of her as your wife. Think of her as a soul which belongs to God. That's why he took her away. Think lie this and you will lose attachment.'

Another time a couple came and told Him about the.loss of her their young son in an accident

Sri Nannagaru said 'It has happened by God's Will. If you accept this then in your next birth you will be spared this grief which comes by prarabdha.'

other teachings which he gave were

True state has no desire. There cannot be any desire in Truth.

God World and the devotee are one and the same in Actuality. Realizing this is Moksham.

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