Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thank you Sri Nannagaru (By Dr.Mithin)

I kept meeting Sri Nannagaru occasionally either when he came to Hyderabad or in Jinnuru.

I was having a dull phase in practice and was wondering when it will.pick up. I thought it is by Sri Nannagaru will that I had good practice and now by His a will only my practice is down.

Once when I met him, he was telling a devotee 'Man thinks that by his effort he has become successful. But he doesn't know that it is by God's Will that everything happens.'

I thought it was very apt teaching for the type of phase I was going through.

I decided to tell Him my woes. When I met Him the next time He asked me ' How is your practice?'

'It's dull' I said.

He looked grave and said 'It will improve.'

I thanked Him. I waited but the previous income which I used to generate did not happen. I was wondering as to how Sri Nannagaru's words could be wrong.

I met a few times like that always complaining about my practice hoping he would turn it around. But practice just went on average.

It was then I came across a sentence of Meister Eckart a German Philosopher of the medieval times.

'If the only words that you utter in your prayer everyday are Thank You then that will alone suffice.'

These words hit me hard. I rued my greed and faithlessness.

Next time when I met him my practice was still less but when he asked me 'How is your practice now?'

I told Him 'It's very Good. Thank You.'

Sri Nannagaru nodded slowly and said 'It will improve'

My practice started improving and I understand the beauty of being Thankful to God for everything.

After that whenever I faced anything good or bad in my life...I learned to say Thank You Sri Nannagaru. Thank You.

I realized life is not about being desirous of better times or hoping for greater materialistic or even spiritual status.

It was about being Thankful to God at all times.

Thank You Sri Nannagaru

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