Saturday, February 8, 2014

Karma, Dharma and Shanti

The work (karma) done righteously (dharma) will lead to peace(shanti). Therefore, put your heart into each task done. Whatever work we do must be according to dharma. The work allotted to us by God mustbe done righteously and with love. All actions performed in this manner will slowly lead you to salvation or moksha. The only person whom we can love completely is God and God

In this world, all the joy you experience is short lived. It is temporary moments of happiness. These very joys will turn into sorrows later. Only God is the person whom we can love completely. For example, you are happy when you are surrounded by relatives. These relatives in future may turn your happiness into sorrow. They may speak ill or go against you.

Asthi, bathi, priyam:

Asthi that is there always, which has no death and birth and no seasons. From the sky, air came. From air, fire came. From fire, water came, and from water nature came into existence. These five sky, air, fire, water and nature are called pancha bhutas. The object that does not change even if these five elements (pancha bhutas) are not there is known as the Brahman or God.

The Lord’s praise must fill our mouth and mind. This will in course of time please God, and He will shower His grace on you. This
grace will lead you to the path of eternal bliss or a state filled with complete peace.But most of the time, each one of you is more interested in worldly issues. You look for God in the outside world. This is similar to licking an empty hand after throwing away a delicious morsel of food. God is not out somewhere, He is in your heart. Do not search for Him outside. He is antaryami (indwelling spirit/the inner controller/ existing super soul in the heart). He is always there (asthi).

Bathi means lustre. The Brahman does not require sunlight or any other light to shine. The Brahman is glowing always. This lustre is much more than the sun itself.

Priyam means love. The one who is due to be loved and thought about always. Every person likes himself, why? This is because the God is inside you. God’s delusion has created name and form (rupam and namam). Therefore, go beyond this name and form and love Him

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