Saturday, February 8, 2014

Einstein, A Synonym for Genius - (Compiled from speeches by Nannagaru)

Einstein was not merely a scientist but the foremost among the great. He said: “The religion unrelated to science is blind and the
science unrelated to Self Knowledge is lame. Hence both religion and science are essential.

You want only victories not values

Since the inception of this earth, humanity would not have produced a genius like Einstein. Until his 10th standard, Einstein passed his exams in 'C' Division. When his Mother rebuked him for his below average performance, he said: “Mother! You want only victories and not values? Is not goodness anything worthwhile?Your thinking is one-sided only. You must look upon things from all the angles.”

However his Mother still scolded him:
"You are a dullard and a curse upon our family. You need not feed us or take care of us. At least study to such an extent that you need not depend upon us for your food." However his father never took care of him. Einstein improved in his studies only after the tenth standard. He got very good lecturers as his tutors. He also learned from observing the students who were good at their studies and thereby improved in his academics.

Einstein became world famous; yet he remained humble and was never proud of the same. When he was asked to resolve any problem, he made calculations with his fingers and answered instantly.

Who am I?

Even Einstein got the question ' WHO AM I'? When he attended a Maths conference, he was addressed as a Physician and when he attended a Physics conference, he was recognized as a Mathematician. Therefore Einstein always doubted whether he was a Mathematician or a Physician?

The Theory of relativity, a new insight

Einstein discovered the theory of relativity.
The essence of this theory is that when you are involved in a work that is very close to your heart, a day seems to be a second. When you are involved in any work that you don’t love, even a second seems to be a day.

Thirst for Knowledge, the True Treasure

Once a boy studying 4th standard, having heard that Einstein is a Maths Professor, approached him and asked for tuition in Maths. Einstein started teaching him accordingly. When the boy paid 2 dollars in return, Einstein asked him as to how he got this money. The boy replied that it was his pocket money given to him by his father. When the boy's father came to know that his son approached Einstein for Maths tuition, he immediately went to Einstein and said: "Forgive my son as he doesn't know who you are and how busy you are. I will ensure that my son will not disturb you anymore."

Einstein replied," It is your wish whether you would like sending your son to me or not any further. But I will never return back those 2 dollars that I received from your son. I will preserve the same in memory of your son's thirst for knowledge."

The humble Mathematician

When Einstein travelled in bus, he paid in excess for his ticket but never asked back for the money, that he was due to receive. He used to repeat this with the same conductor, even the very next day. The conductor used to scold him: "You are aware of the price of the ticket, yet you pay me in excess. Why don’t you learn Mathematics?" But Einstein never responded in return.

The absent minded professor

Einstein was always involved in deep thinking. He used to forget that he was in the washroom and spend there the whole night in thinking.

A Noble Prize winner not only as a Scientist but also as a Humanitarian

Einstein was very good at heart. When his wife wanted divorce, Einstein asked her to postpone the same by 6 months. He told his wife: “I am due to receive Noble prize within 6 months. This would fetch me a huge amount of prize money. I would like to share half of it with you. As such, we don’t have any enmity. Therefore even after the divorce, if we ever meet in a bus stand or a railway station, do talk to me even if I am immersed in my own world."

Swadharma is to work in accordance with one’s nature

After receiving the Noble prize Einstein was offered several honorable positions like that of President and Secretary in various Universities. But Einstein rejected all of them saying: “I am born for making research in Science and not for these positions. To work in accordance with one’s nature is Swadharma, else it is Paradharma. If you practice swadharma throughout your life, you will remain peaceful even when approached by death.”

The entire Universe is in the shape of Lord Nataraja
When gifted with the idols of Hindu deities, Einstein accepted the same. Once when he was gifted with an idol of Lord Nataraja, Einstein looked at it with great amusement. He went into a trance and said, "The entire Universe is in the shape of Lord Nataraja."

A Great Conviction in Human Stupidity than in the existence of God

Einstein said: " I am not sure whether God exists or not. But I have a 100% conviction in the existence of human stupidity."

The Regretful Scientist

Einstein further said: "My contribution towards the progress of science has been tremendous. I invented the atom bomb and Hydrogen bomb. But ultimately they will only be misused by the mankind in killing people. I don’t understand whether my invention has done good or bad to the humanity."

Einstein’s impersonal behavior made him greater than our sages

Einstein was very impersonal. He was greater than our sages. When Einstein was to die within 4 days, he understood that he would not live any longer. He called 2 of his friends and 2 of his relatives and said: "I am currently in New Jersey hospital. After my death, please don’t inform anyone of the same. First burn my corpse and dissolve my ashes in a nearby river and then only announce my death to the world. Don’t build any memorials in my name. If there is anything worthwhile that I have contributed towards Maths and Physics, the humanity can make use of the same."

The newspapers described Einstein's death: “Einstein left this world, calmly, peacefully, bravely, boldly without any regrets.”
Thus Einstein’s impersonal behavior made him greater than our sages.

There is nothing in the brain;It is God who works

Einstein was asked permission to make a research on his brain after his death. However Einstein refused for the same and said:
"GOD wanted to work through this brain. Had he wanted to work through your brain, he would have done the same. There is nothing in the brain. It is GOD who works. If the entire sand on a beach represents GOD, my brain represents a temple made of such sand on that beach.”

God not an Object to Intellect

Einstein said:
“GOD is not an object of intellect but intellect is an object of GOD. For instance a hand can hold a forceps but not otherwise. It is only your pride that creates a wall of bondage around you. You can break this wall only when you utilize your money, power,
education, Love and all God gifted faculties for the sake of society. ”

There is a law that drives our lives

Einstein said," The five elements, the Sun, the Moon and the planets are driven by a law. The entire creation is driven by the same law. Still we don’t recognize that it is the samelaw which drives our lives."