Monday, July 26, 2010

"Guru Powrnami - 2009"

Bhagavan says God, Guru and the Self are one and the same. We need not see any difference; there is only one thing, and that is the absolute Truth. We may call the absolute Truth as God, the Self or Guru.

The Acharya, Guru, Saint blesses you here itself, 90% of your work is done here itself, only 10% you need to practice at home make effort, Try, practice, Respect the Guru, Acharya, otherwise Guru's teaching s ( nectar) will not enter into your Heart.

For the Guru two qualifications are essential, he has to have a direct perception of the Truth and he has to be in the position to explain the Truth - these are the two main qualifications of the Guru. We cannot buy this sorrow-less state in the market; the sorrow-less state will only come by the Grace of the Guru.

Sri Bhagavan often said, "God, Guru and Self are one and the same", and to Him Arunachala was all three of these.

Guru is He who possesses the supreme power to make any soul who comes to Him merge into Self, the knowledge beyond all speech. The Guru works in many ways to make the disciple merge into Self. "He gives a push from ‘without’ and exerts a pull from ‘within’, so that you may be fixed in the Centre", says Sri Bhagavan in Maharshi’s Gospel, p.36.


  1. The elevated foot of Nataraja means that the lord is asking the devotee never to leave His feet.

    If we cling to the guru's feet in the heart centre we will find bliss.

  2. Arunachala Heart, Yes we should never leave the Guru's feet,True renunciation consists in discarding our egoism at the feet of the God.