Friday, July 30, 2010

God is in heart !(Short Message)

Body should be fit and mind should be peaceful. Daily you do contemplate and question yourself, For what purpose are we using the body and the mind too? From morning till night only for enjoyments or for the thinking of God, self, or for the quest of God? We believe that God exists only in idols or temples. But God is the indweller in your Heart and exists in your Heart there, the moment you realize it, then in your last breath you will become one with God.


  1. Sadhana is good but higher is surrender.

    It is advised for advanced souls and ever perfect souls who incarnate with the guru to spread his message.

    These devotees dont need sadhana, they already are That...tangibly. But the guru covers them with mild maya so that they can fulfill their mission.

    Once their mission is over these ever perfect souls are absorbed back into Guru.

    Their only sadhana is surrender.

  2. Arunachala Heart, Surrender alone !