Friday, February 12, 2010

"Sadguru Nannagaru relationship with Ramana Maharshi and Arunachalam"

When you are attracted to Arunachala, whether you know it or not, Arunachala comes through unseen connection. This is a good attachment and helps one to live an ego-less life.

Those who are attracted by Arunachala shall get liberation through Arunachala. It is by Arunachala’s grace we are attracted to him. It is by the grace of Arunachala, the EGO is shattered and destroyed.

Ramana - I have extreme Love for Ramana. I did not see him in the physical body in this life. In 1957, He came to me in a dream and kissed me on the right cheek and said, "This is enough for the time being"
"Definitely I can say one thing, from my previous life there is some connection with him in Arunachala itself. I have a strong mental contact with him. I have great respect and reverence for him. Now and then, I think he is my nearest and dearest relative, the most intimate friend. He gives me tender loving like the compassionate mother. He is my father, mother, Guru, God. He is everything for me. I love HIM. I live for HIM. "
Any seeker of Truth will not necessarily have help from members of the family. In life, more than the sadhana I did, the Grace of Arunachala-Ramana helped in my attaining the conscious state. A sadhaka will not become a siddha if, along with his efforts, he doesn’t have God’s Grace. Without the Grace of the Almighty, the mind will not subdue. Only the subdued mind will be qualified for attaining the Self. I have attained the state of peace only due to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s blessings.


  1. AMAZING MAN...I find him most approachable than all incarnations of God.

    He is indeed the common man's Avatar!

    What a spiritual heredity you carry Greeshmaji...I bow to you and your Guru

  2. Dear Arunachala Heart, He is undoubtedly a common man Avatar. He sets an example for us, how a common man has to live. Thank you. Let us all prostrate to guru.