Sunday, December 28, 2014

"We cannot do anything without his grace" - (By Nagalakshmi Garu)

I met Sri Nannagaru for the first time in the year 1989 in Bhimavaram. After 3 years I got to know that he has been visiting Kukatpally off late. Upon knowing that we stay closer to the place, he said "I'll surely come". I visited him not very often. Nannagaru once asked Jaya - "We haven't seen Nagalakshmi lately". Jaya used to yell at me, and force me to visit him. The association of a devotee will effortlessly pull towards God; such is my relationship with Jaya. I used to argue with Jaya that family comes first and then God. She got fed up with me and said - "We'll see whether you will tread my path or I will tread your path, and God will decide that." After some time she used to forcefully take me to satsang gatherings. Rather than saying that I got closer to him, I think it would be correct to say, it was actually he who pulled me towards Him. His words made me think through, I would find everything new and beautiful in life. The mind which was always worried got transformed into a peaceful mind through his teachings. I never found questions in his preaching. His preaching made my mind still then and there.

Nannagaru once said, "The importance that we give to money and fame, we don't give the same to purity". After hearing this sentence I felt we should put some effort in order to gain purity. In order to get a grip of the subject, and to constantly contemplate upon the same, he always asked me to attend spiritual gatherings. During initial days, I used to feel that the beauty in listening to the subject doesn't exist in teaching the subject. Afterwards, I felt that if ego doesn’t involve while teaching, then there is beauty in teaching as well.

How can I repay the debt of Sri Nannagaru, who changed my perception that worshiping God alone doesn't constitute devotion, corrected me and gave qualification to practice Self knowledge and showered the nectar in it. Sky is the limit for his preaching. Every sentence that he preaches should be grasped with interest and remembered, if possible should be shared with others. The specialty of Nannagaru is whatever he preaches, he will make us experience in due course.

We cannot do anything without His Grace.

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