Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Nannagaru Teachings"

Kill That I - Artifical I, False I. It is separate. It cannot get united with Brahmam(consciousness). It is never united with God, It gets mixed with external matters. Do good deeds, learn to do good deeds, get habituated to do good deeds, any form of charity or anything beneficial to the people.

Keep good books, epics, at home. The one who is beyond the three gunas (the three modes of Nature) is called Gunateetha (Beyond , gunas). Lord Rama possessed divine qualities only to bless the world. Worship Me, Take me as your support, Remember Me, Chant My name, you cannot Remember Me without faith and purity of mind and for the purification of the mind, charity, good deeds, good friends and association with Holy company is essential. If you lost humility, you cannot gain progress in devotion and spirituality. Excess wealth spoils the mind.

Abide in God Peacefully forever. That Brahmam is in your Heart and it is unwritten, unspoken, unexpressed, can be only experienced but not with intellect, mind nor with sense-organs surely with most pure mind, body and sense-organs. Spiritual Poverty is prevailing, increase Spiritual richness, wealth. God exists everywhere. It is beyond understanding, beyond imagination, even-minded and cool-minded. Stay equal-minded under any circumstances favourable or unfavourable, then you will get united with that equal-God. Learn equal-mindedness and practice equal-mindedness, slowly, gradually, you will gain the divine qualities.

Your goal is Truth realisation, God realisation, unworldly Truth. God will never stop loving you, people may leave you, abondon you. Watch your minus and plus points. Eliminate the minus points in you and enhance the plus points in you. You should have unwavering and unshaken faith in God. Wish for the well-being of All. This is spiritual richness. Follow your own nature and Do not move against it. Learn new lessons in life everyday. Do not commit mistakes and do not repeat them. Desire and Anger are the two sides of one coin.


  1. Dear Arunachala Heart, Guru never leaves you. Until and unless we attain the blissful state that he is in, he never sleeps, he would follow you wherever you are, or whichever loka you might be. We are already in jaws of tiger, our only sadhana is Surrender to his feet.