Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Never Mind - SADHANA FOR TAMING THE MIND by Sadguru Sri Nanna Garu. "

The mind generates the limitations of time and space. All that exists everywhere is also in me.
The Atman exists nameless, imperishable, formless and un-manifest. It is not within the reach of your mind.If you struggle with the mind , it gets strengthened.

God creates many troubles and trials as well as fears so that you turn towards him and remember him. When any incident happens, do not go on brooding how did this happen. The intention behind that happening is beyonds the reach of your intelligence.

The aspirant for spiritual life should not entertain ideas that "this man is good" and "that man is bad". God looks after his administration. Do not observe the bubbles. See the water.
lf you have full faith that there is someone called "God", love him wholeheartedly, fully. He will then set aside your weaknesses, your faults and your mistakes and rescue you.

If it is ordained by fate, it will certainly happen, even if you are not aware of it. And that which is not in your fate, will not happen even if you long for it.
You are leading your life in the darkness of ignorance and with the lamp called your mind. When the sun appears, there is no need for a lamp.

So long as you remain in the network, the web of mind's creation , the world pounds you into pieces and makes a pulp of you. The sun does not know what is night. For the real "I", there is no sense of time, there are no rebirths, no qualities

The guru's debt is redeemed only when his teaching is truly understood and sincerely followed.


  1. Beautiful!!! I needed to hear that! Thank you so very very much, Love*Nol

  2. Yes we are in runa.

    Runa to Guru, runa to his daughters and sons.

    This runa is unpayable.

    For this runa comes out of Grace.

    Who can repay Grace?

    I can do angapradakshina from Kanyakumari to Timbuctoo a billion times...but I will never be able to repay Grace.